Buying and selling a junked car: is it possible?

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Do you own a car that is old, damaged or in need of major repairs? And maybe you’re even thinking about selling it to raise some money to finance the purchase of a new vehicle?
In this article, we’re going to give you the right information on how to get the highest possible valuation from your junk vehicle! Be confident, even the most beat up car should still be worth something, right?

Is it the right time to scrap your car?

Some signs are definitely unmistakable: the first is certainly the age. If the car is more than 20 years old, scrapping may well be the only solution, but there are newer cars that may not be repairable. As for the damage that can be found, if the car is missing some fundamental parts (such as the engine or the gearbox), or is severely damaged, it could be destined for scrapping. Finally, if you believe that your vehicle has very little current value, or it occupies a space in a state of total disrepair, then scrapping could be considered.

Is it worth keeping an old car?

To understand if the sad time for scrapping has really come, ask yourself a few simple questions. Do I still use my car, or is it sitting idle most of the time? Is it still a safe vehicle to drive? Is it over 20 years old or has it had an exaggerated mileage? If there are technical problems, is it worth repairing?
In general, there is no set date on when it is time to scrap your car. As mentioned above, even a new car that has suffered an accident or the effects of a disastrous natural event could be up for scrapping.

Can I make any money by selling a junker?

Selling your junked car is not very difficult, but you need to do some research on the web to find the best way.

First, you should look for a junk car buyer. By doing a quick query on a search engine such as “Junk your car” or “junk your car for cash”, you will find junkyards or junk car buyers willing to provide a quote for the purchase. Provide complete time-saving information about your vehicle regarding the make, model and age of the car, the overall condition of the vehicle and the damage done to it. Usually, these buyers offer to tow the vehicle for free, so they can then offer you a low price. Pay attention to their licenses: be sure to go to junkyards that have a valid permit.

Once you have chosen the junkyard or scrap company, check out the customer reviews. If they have a website, or a page on social networks, they are probably qualified stakeholders; otherwise, leave it alone. Once you have obtained all the quotes, and verified if towing your vehicle is free, you can properly evaluate the offer.

Let’s scrap the junk car

First, retrieve all of your belongings from the junked car, valuable items or important documents may be hidden.
Retain vehicle parts that may have future value, or that can be sold separately as replacements for other similar vehicles.
Keep the vehicle documents: the title is proof of ownership of the vehicle, if you don’t have it you can request it. It’s useful to clear the title in your name, and not get involved in unpleasant investigations, in case the car was stolen before being crushed in a junkyard. However, there are junkyards that will buy junked cars even without the title.
Remove the license plates: you are required by law to remove the plates from your junked vehicle, and the DMV will ask you to bring them in.
If still valid, cancel your auto insurance, and see if you qualify for a refund on the insurance you paid for up front.
Negotiate the best price among the purchase quotes you receive for scrapping your vehicle. If so, get help from your trusted mechanic to find out the value of the car to be scrapped.
Always evaluate the cost of towing: if the car starts up and is drivable, this cost is unnecessary.
In some cases, junkyards will only be interested in the metal parts of the vehicle, at which point you’ll have to remove the plastic parts, fluids and seats. In this case, the junkyard will weigh the vehicle (make sure they use a certified scale) and quote you a certain price per ton of metal.
As an alternative to selling it, there is always the option of donating it to charities (who will still be able to resell it) to get a tax benefit for charitable donations.

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