Motorcycle insurance: why is it necessary to buy it?

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What is motorcycle insurance, who is it for and why do you need to purchase it? What is the difference between a moped and a motorcycle? This is all you need to know about motorcycle liability policies. Motorcycle policy is a mandatory insurance contract applicable to owners of mopeds and motorcycles. Basically, the motorcycle policy guarantees that any damages caused by the insured’s use of a two-wheeled motorcycle are up to the maximum amount determined at the time of signing the policy.

Why is it worthwhile to take out a motorcycle policy?

The guarantee for civil liability provides compensation for damages that the driver may cause to people or things while driving. In the absence of an effective insurance, this compensation will be entirely determined by the driver, the driver will also be subject to administrative sanctions and the motorcycle will be confiscated. In addition, with ancillary warranties, you can protect yourself against accidents, theft and fire.

Ancillary guarantees

When you take out an insurance contract, you can add some ancillary guarantees to your motorcycle liability policy, which may vary from company to company.

Theft and fire

Theft covers situations where the insured has attempted to break in and cause damage or destruction to the vehicle. In addition, the insured may prevent the theft of all parts of the vehicle, but does not include personal effects stored in the vehicle. In the event of a claim, the compensation will be commensurate with the commercial value of the vehicle. On the other hand, fire includes any fire that may involve vehicles as well as lightning and explosions.


The only guarantee provided by the Motorcycle Insurance policy does not cover the damage suffered by the insured, but only the damage caused by him to other people. However, with this guarantee, you can protect yourself from possible unfortunate events.

Roadside Assistance

The supplementary warranty covers the expenses incurred by the insured due to road breakdown. It reimburses the cost of recovering the vehicle and transporting it to the nearest service center. In some cases it also provides for the supply of replacement vehicles.

Legal and judicial protection

The warranty covers all legal expenses incurred in any judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

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