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Opening a bank online account is a very simple procedure that can be carried out directly from your home: all you need is a home Internet connection or access to the Internet even from mobile phones, in hotspot mode. Given that there are numerous proposals available on the net, some of which belong to 100% digital banks, it may not be easy to choose the best online current account for your management needs.

Why open an online bank account?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is good to answer the question: why open an online account? The reasons are basically two: first, by opening an online account you can save significantly on the costs of its management. In many cases, in fact, online accounts have expenses close to zero! Another reason that pushes many to prefer online accounts, concerns the many advantages offered by home-banking, primarily the possibility of optimizing their time by avoiding having to physically go to the bank to perform routine operations.

Online or traditional bank account: which one to choose

Let’s start by saying that no one option is better than the other, only the account type that better suits your needs. An online account has the huge advantage of doing all operations anytime, anywhere, because every step is done through the app. Home banking apps are very easy to use and usually very intuitive, allowing you to always control your funds. However, many online banks do not have a physical office. This factor has led many people to prefer traditional accounts, believing that having a reference point near home is an advantage. Both types are safe and allow you to keep your savings fearlessly. In addition, both types can perform major operations, from crediting of wages to invoicing of bills. However, online solutions can save you some money because, as we mentioned, there is no physical location to reduce management costs.

What is a bank account?

A bank account is a contract that you enter into with your bank, through which you decide to entrust your money to the designated bank. By opening a current account you are entitled to a number of services, such as bill clearance, check issuance and the possession of an ATM. In this way, a checking account holder can perform the normal errands with cash, simply through their account.

What you need to open a bank account

To open an online bank account, you’ll need to provide personal information because the bank will need to verify your identity. Here’s what you’ll be asked for when you open it:
Personal Information: The bank needs personal details about you, specifically your social security number, your date of birth, and a valid, government-issued ID (driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc.).
Contact information: You will also need to provide the bank with a home address (even if you are opening an account online), a phone number and an email address
Funding information: banks may ask you for an initial deposit to open the account. You may be able to use a credit or debit card you have or provide a link to a second bank account.

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