Selling your used car: how best to do it?

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Selling your used car today is much easier than in the past! Thanks to comparison networks, you can receive the best evaluations of your used car from many specialized sites, without any stress! Think how easy it is: you will receive the best offers from the market, simply by filling out a short online form, and absolutely free! Just a few details about your vehicle, and our comparison algorithm will be able to show you and guide you through the best commercial offers from car professionals. At that point, you will be free to orient your choices towards the best proposal, or the one that will best meet your expectations. You decide whether or not to sell at the proposed price or terms!
But how best to prepare for the sale of your used car? In other words, what are the best actions to introduce if we really want to get the best economic evaluation for our vehicle? Here, we have collected in a list the recommendations suggested by professionals in the car industry, to get the maximum possible profit from the sale. In fact, selling a used car privately is not really a simple thing, but with organization and awareness you can simplify the process and shorten significantly the time of economic realization.
Buying and selling a used car always presents risks, for both parties involved. For this reason, there are some safe steps to follow, able to guarantee the negotiation a certain margin of safety.

Useful tips to sell your car

Preparing the vehicle

A thorough cleaning will certainly make the perception of your vehicle more pleasant to potential buyers, giving them the feeling of being in front of a person who pays attention to details. On the outside, you’ll need to wash the car and wax it, and clean the wheels and tires. Inside, go ahead and replace the old floor mats, vacuum the seats and trunk carefully, and wash the dashboard, controls, and windows. We always recommend having your car sanitized, especially if smoking or pets were allowed on board.

Take attractive photographs

Once cleaned, take lots of pictures, from different angles, to best support your efforts to advertise the vehicle and to attract many buyers. The photos that should not be missed are, on the outside, those of the front and rear, the wheels and rims, and on the inside the front/rear seats, the dashboard and odometer, the floor mats and the trunk. Don’t forget the compartment that houses the engine.

How much is your used car worth?

To know the value of your car, you don’t always need to do extensive research. Sure, to determine a competitive selling price, you may decide to receive a professional estimate from experts in the field. Our network is able to quickly and easily verify the listing of your vehicle by simultaneously comparing offers from used car valuation portals. In this way, not only will you not have to perform lengthy searches on multiple websites, looking for used car models with similar features to yours, but you will also not have to decide on an intelligent selling price. Our price comparator will give you an immediate answer to your question, thus bypassing the entry of your used vehicle data on multiple websites, description, uploading images etc.. You will comfortably receive an estimated price range, on which you can make your evaluations, and in the case directly choose the offer closest to your expectations. Of course, if you prefer to select one by one the offers coming from private individuals, the alternative way – certainly more time-consuming – is to create a targeted ad on some of the most popular national online car buying and selling sites. You will have to be careful not to ask for a too high price for your car, for which you will surely receive few offers. Another complication related to selling your car privately, is precisely to filter potential buyers, between wasters and legitimate interested parties.

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