Skincare: best pratices for a effective beauty ritual

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Advice from dermatologists on effective beauty rituals.
Those who have always thought that the result of a perfect skincare routine could depend solely on the quality of the products used are probably mistaken. According to a number of dermatologists and specialists, it is the order in which the products are applied that plays a key role in the success of the ritual. Changing the order of the addenda in this case therefore not only changes the result but could even upset it. Here then is the order to follow for correct rituals according to the experts.


Choosing a facial cleanser and applying it twice a day as a first step is crucial to a successful skincare routine, says American dermatologist Morgan Rabach to Town&Country. “Cleansing actually helps to remove dead skin, reduce oils, remove bacteria and pollutants that accumulate on the epidermis during the day, as well as clearing the pores of the layer of make-up that doesn’t let them breathe during the day,” the dermatologist told the American magazine.

The toner

The advantages of using a facial toner are many, but if you’re really in a hurry, this is the only step that specialists say you can afford to skip. However, if you decide to include it in your beauty ritual, be careful to choose an oil-free toner that can really guarantee perfect cleansing of the skin after cleansing and that adds hydration and exfoliation to the routine.


Serums are essential among the first steps of any self-respecting routine because they provide the skin with important active ingredients, says dermatologist Ranella Hirsch to Allure, and there are different serums to suit every need. In fact, as dermatologist Zeichner explains to Town&Country, serums are designed to do a single job perfectly: they can be anti-ageing, moisturising, calming, illuminating and so on. While everyone is free to choose the one best suited to their needs, the one serum that should be present in all routines, experts agree, is the Vitamin C antioxidant serum, which must be applied in the morning.

Moisturising cream

The key to any successful ritual, moisturising cream is the only product capable of sealing in what has previously been applied and increasing its effectiveness, explains the dermatologist in Allure. The choice of type obviously depends on the skin, which can range from dry, normal to oily. In the case of particularly dry areas of the face, experts recommend applying oils as well, provided that no more than two serums have already been used.

The exfoliant

Ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids (AHA and BHA on the packaging) are able to help the skin stay clear and radiant by scrubbing and removing dead skin cells. This is why exfoliants containing them should be included in your routine at least once a week, to remove the outer layers and help collagen and elastin stay active.

Sun protection

A key step before stepping out the door is to apply SPF protection (regardless of the season and weather) to reduce sun-related skin damage and prevent the appearance of spots and wrinkles. Be careful, however, because UVA rays also penetrate through the windows and you risk being exposed even when you don’t realise it, explains Dr Zeichner to Town&Country, so it’s best to opt for SPF30 protection to be applied to the face every day, making sure it’s able to block UVA and UVB rays.

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