The best Dog Insurance companies in 2020

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Pet insurance provides important financial support to pay for expensive medical care for your pet. In extreme cases, the ability to afford certain unexpected veterinary expenses often makes the difference between saving and saying goodbye to your pet. We searched the net for the best pet and / or exotic pet covers, among the most famous insurance companies, and we chose 5, for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and even horses. The list provided in the article takes into consideration price, coverage, exclusions of pre-existing conditions and more. Continue reading the article and you will certainly make the right choice for your best friend.


100% refund option, no limit per accident incident and an annual deductible. Thanks to these reasons, we recommend Figo as global pet insurance. Figo offers a smart approach to pet insurance: veterinary chat is operational 24/7, complaints are managed online and much more on their dedicated App. Figo covers all illnesses and injuries with various levels of protection, customizable according to your budget. Not only that, rapid response times to the payment of claims and complete coverage of hereditary and congenital conditions (hip dysplasia included) are other very important pluses. Figo offers three levels of protection: Essential, Preferred and Ultimate. If we take a one-year-old Jack Russel Terrier, the rates amount to $ 35.57, $ 39.62 and $ 41.14 respectively per month. You can customize your perks by selecting a $ 100, $ 250, $ 500 or $ 750 franchise, with refund options ranging from 70% to 100%.


Trupanion has been offering pet insurance since 2000 and they protect dogs and cats with 24/7 care, and benefits we haven’t found with other pet insurers. There are two really interesting features: the prize based on the age of enrollment (not on the birthday age, so if you insure the two-year-old dog, the rate will remain unchanged even when your dog turns 10) and the exclusions, which are not reviewed from year to year for newly diagnosed conditions (others often review coverage of the plan with each renewal if they have paid claims for certain medical conditions). Prices are above average, especially for pets under the age of three. For a Jack Russell Terrier ($ 200 deductible and 90% copay), monthly costs are around $ 100 at the age of 1 year, to reach $ 300 if the dog is 12 years old.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

Born in 2009, as a result of the meeting of founding members eager to find a way to provide the owners with means for quality veterinary treatments at affordable prices. Healthy Paws offers coverage through two of the major insurers (Aon Affinity and Ace Chubb) known for high-value home insurance programs. For our healthy Jack Russell Terrier dog, we made two quotes: beyond the $ 250 deductible with 90% coverage on the care plan, at 1 year of age the monthly fee is $ 40, at 3 years you pay $ 47.

Pets Best

Founded in 2005 by veterinarian Dr. Jack Stephens, Pets Best has paid over $ 200 million in claims to policyholders and currently insures over 100,000 pets in the United States. The insurance offered for pets can be customized with various levels of protection and other add-on options to improve the well-being of your pet, all with excellent value for money. There are 3 customizable plans: Essential, Plus and Elite. They allow you to choose coverage levels, a wide range of deductibles and payments in three options:. Policies for a one-year-old dog start at $ 53.26, for example. The additional wellness coverage programs add additional treatments and therapies for a minimum of $ 15 to $ 30 per month.

PetPartners, Inc.

Active since 2002, PetPartners is underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company and American Insurance Pet Company. For families with multiple pets, PetPartners proves to be the best choice, thanks to the 5% discount to ensure two or more pets at the same time. For our Jack Russell Terrier – in good health – and a mixed breed cat with a deductible of $ 250 and 90% coverage on the unlimited complementary care plan (accident and illness) we pay $ 50.22 monthly (dog of 1 year old) and $ 56.40 (1 year old cat). For the same pets, aged 6 years, you pay $ 65.09 (dog) and $ 87.72 for a cat.

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