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With online universities, students have the opportunity to attend the best programs in the country without transfers. Here is the ranking of the best online universities in the United States, after considering several factors, such as tuition costs, financial aid opportunities and student learning outcomes. Through flexible and accessible learning formats, online universities allow you to balance your studies with personal and professional commitments. Different requirements were considered to create this ranking, from Minimum Qualifications (i.g. Institutionally accredited, Public or private not-for-profit) to specific Ranking Metrics (such as: Average Earnings “x” years after college, Graduation rate, Student/teacher ratio, Number of programs available), as well as the availability of any other particular services (placement & employment, career counseling, institutional financial aid).

Here below, we compare some of the best online universities, very well-known across the US.

Harvard University

Harvard University Online offers learning opportunities for students of all levels: podcasts, free courses to non-credit certification programs and educational qualifications. Using the edX platform, designed collaboratively with MIT, Harvard provides several technologies to provide online learning. The online courses can be self-managed or follow a specific period of time, and are offered 100% online; Harvard Online also offers free and non-credit versions of numerous paid, credit and certain courses that students who earn online credits will receive Harvard transcripts.

Harvard University

Drexel University

Founded in 1891, Drexel University is a top-ranked, urban research university, known as an academic center of excellence, entrepreneurship, and innovation, Drexel was a pioneer in technology-enhanced education for working adults. Today, twenty years after launching its first online courses, Drexel University offers more than 150 online degree and certificate programs.

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is one of the world’s leading private research universities. An anchor institution in Los Angeles, a global center for arts, technology and international business, USC’s diverse curricular offerings provide extensive opportunities for interdisciplinary study and collaboration with leading researchers in highly advanced learning environments. In 2018, the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education ranked USC in the top 20 positions among more than 1,000 public and private universities. Of all California institutions, only USC, Caltech and Stanford University ranked in the top 20.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) was one of the first institutions to serve remote students with televised course delivery first, then, as technology improved, with course lectures from Sat TV, to video delivery to online delivery. IIT is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Focused on technology, science and research, with online degree programs available in areas such as architecture, human sciences, business and applied technology, IIT offers online professional development courses (lectures and labs) and a wide selection of online IT certification courses.

Columbia University – NYC

Columbia University

Columbia University has expanded its online learning offerings through various certifications, degree programs, and non-degree programs. Students are now able to enroll into a variety of online programs which ranges from technical, social work, health technologies, environmental sustainability, and leadership to a variety of other professional development programs. Online courses at Columbia are either completely online, or in a hybrid format, with evening class and weekend fieldwork options. Columbia students have several other online educational opportunities, including access to the Coursera organization, which allows students to take courses from partnered universities across the world.

Lehigh University

Lehigh University’s Office of Distance Education has been committed to providing high-quality, academically-challenging graduate degrees, certificates, and professional development courses to working professionals since 1992. It offers master’s degree and for-credit certificate programs online along with individual courses, with non-degree seeking admission options. Lehigh’s using two platforms: Classroom Live, with classes viewed in real-time, and Classroom Online, with a set of pre-filmed classes viewable anytime. University also use e-mail, web-conferencing, discussion boards and phone calls to communicate with students. Distance courses typically follow the on-campus academic calendar, and follow closely with on-campus course curriculum.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins, founded in 1876, is America’s first research university and home to nine world-class academic divisions working together as one university. It offers over 240 degree and certificate programs, including a large selection of online degree programs in areas such as medical care, teaching, engineering, arts and sciences and business.

Purdue University

Purdue University Online provides more than 200 graduate level degree programs online (through the university’s four accredited institutions), that students can complete entirely online or in a hybrid format, along with some practice hours or required campus visits. Online classes are structured similarly to on-campus ones, with expected deadlines. Students may access 24/7 to the virtual classroom, communicate with faculty and classmates via discussion boards, e-mail, chats and one-on-one electronic meetings.

Duquesne University

Founded in 1878, Duquesne University is one of a few Catholic universities recognized for its research. It’s offering solutions for students who are looking for an online degree, plus accelerated bachelor’s and graduate degrees, with some at the doctorate level. Advisors will guide you through the entire process from registration to graduation. Even after you graduate as a Duquesne alum, students keep an accessto Career Services, helping with interview skills, refreshing resume and career exploration.

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