What is the best Insurance for your Pet?

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Pet insurance provides a complete set of truly comprehensive protection to ensure the health of our four-legged friends. It covers various types of payments: not only veterinary expenses for “obvious” animal health, but also some related medical expenses, payments for deaths due to accidents or diseases, or payments for announcements and/or rewards.

The cost of maintenance and care when the cat is missing and the owner is sick can be as high as the cost of euthanasia, burial, and cremation. Generally, pet insurance does not protect any pre-existing conditions specified in the policy. If a certain disease is already present at the time of adoption, it may be excluded from the policy. Similarly, the costs of vaccination, grooming and sterilization will be borne by you. If you want to choose the pet insurance that best suits your dog or cat, there are many options that can be evaluated according to your budget, from premium (high-end) insurance to a basic one.

Gold standard

It is a lifetime insurance for your pet, and it is an ideal choice for your pet that needs a lot of care for various reasons throughout its life. It is expressed in two ways. By determining the amount under certain conditions, or by setting a fixed total amount that can be used for various treatments in each calendar year. In both cases, you will need to pay for any treatment that is beyond the coverage. Therefore, the advantage of gold insurance is that no matter how much you spend, they will cover the current illness every year, unless you cancel the policy. On the other hand, this insurance will make you pay higher premiums.

Non-lifetime guarantee

If you want to choose non-lifetime protection, the premium will definitely be reduced, but this will rule out certain situations immediately after the protection reaches the upper limit. It will not be reset upon renewal, which is different from the lifetime coverage of this insurance. In the case of conditional guarantees, the time limit is more stringent, with 12 months plus conditional limits. Therefore, even if you don’t use up your budget for a certain condition, that condition will eventually be excluded after 12 months.

Accidents only

At a cheaper level, the basic insurance provided is “accident only”. It will cover your pet’s injury, not illness and most health problems you may encounter.

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