Choosing the right mattress: how to take your first steps?

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The time has come. After years of heavy use, your home mattress is probably in need of a makeover. You may want to change it after a few years, perhaps to choose one that is better suited to your posture, or later in life.

How long does a mattress last?

In general, it’s a good idea to think about replacing it after about 7-10 years of life, obviously this depends on the material it was made of. In the case of air or water mattresses, the maximum recommended duration is about 7 years, as well as for pillow-tops (a real mattress that is positioned in the upper part of the mattress to ensure maximum comfort, softness and comfort) and for mattresses with integrated springs.

What is your budget?

Purchasing a mattress is serious business, financially and otherwise. You first need to establish a target budget for the complete set, consisting of the mattress plus pillows and bedding. As a price range, we start from extremely cheap and low quality models up to six-figure designer beds. Staying in a normal range, most mattresses cost between $600 and $2,000.

When it comes to mattresses, an expensive mattress isn’t always the best choice for you. Advanced technical features or a particularly fancy design don’t mean much when you have to stay within a certain spending budget. But don’t despair, the most important thing is to figure out which mattress is right for the way you rest and feel. In order to understand which is the right mattress, you need to be clear on some basic factors, and how they affect the final price.

Key price factors

Materials: materials such as latex often come at a higher cost, as do those made of premium (handcrafted, organic) materials.
Construction Type: The method by which a mattress is manufactured determines its price. For example, mattresses that are taller or have more layers have higher prices.
Brand: Like most consumer products, some brands, especially those that aspire to be luxury brands, cost more.
Place of production: Mattresses with fabrics and components made in the United States are usually less affordable than those made overseas.
Stores or online: Buying a mattress online in most cases will result in a lower expense, but there are great bargain opportunities in mattress stores as well.

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