Is it worth buying a washer dryer?

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The washer dryer allows you to use one device to get clean and dry clothes in one cycle. But is it really worth it?

For some consumers, the washer-dryer is a good solution, while others will find that this machine has more disadvantages than advantages.

As you can easily guess from the name, a washer-dryer is a device for washing and then drying clothes, combining the functions of a washer and dryer into one machine.

From this consideration, it is obvious that the first advantage provided by the washer-dryer is a significant savings in household space, because it provides for the possibility of installing only one device instead of two. In addition, the models currently on the market are equipped with all the functions and washing programs provided by modern washing machines and dryers of the medium-high range.

The latest generation washer-dryer is equipped with heat pump technology, which significantly reduces energy consumption. In practice, the only water used is the water needed for the wash cycle, which is exactly the same as in traditional washing machines.

The quality of the wash is comparable to that offered by normal high quality washing machines. However, in the drying phase, the performance of this appliance is slightly lower than that of a dryer. However, if you are not dealing with wool or particularly delicate garments, this limitation can be partially overcome by selecting the maximum spin speed in the final stage of washing.

These appliances are certainly an advantageous solution for those with limited space in the bathroom or laundry room, for those who spend most of their time away from home, and for households of one or two people.

The convenience of starting a single cycle for laundry care, outweighs the not always perfect drying performance or long waiting times.

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