Dental implant: Types and Costs

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Over the years, the reliability and effectiveness of dental implants have greatly improved due to technological advances in dentistry. Sub-periosteal dental implants, which were placed in the upper portion of the jawbone, have gradually given way to the more recent Endosteal implants, which are anchored in the bone itself. But let’s get into more detail!

Dental Implants types

Endosteal Implants

They are certainly the most recommended type of dental implant. Aimed at most patients, however, they require a particularly solid bone structure, as the placeholder posts that will need to be surgically screwed into the jawbone will need to find ideal conditions to fuse with the bone. Consolidation and complete healing times are in the order of a few months. In case you are not convinced by this type of implant, there is a second type.

Subperiosteal Implants

In the case of subperiosteal implants, instead of anchoring in the jaw bone, placement is on top of the bone, but below the gum. Basically, a metal frame is placed under the gum, to which a post is attached, As the gum heals around the frame, the new false teeth will be attached to the brackets that protrude from the gum. This is the standard surgical option in cases where there is not enough bone matter in the jawbone suitable for placing an endosteal dental implant. Conversely, it is not the preferred option if the patient does not want to undergo a complex oral surgery. In this case, the third option may be the solution.

Zygomatic Implants

In the absence of sufficient jawbone, zygomatic dental implants are the only way to go. The implant is placed in the patient’s cheekbone rather than the jawbone.


What other solutions are available?

Briefly, there are other techniques that dental surgeons can use to overcome particularly difficult conditions in patients’ mouths.

With Bone Augmentation, the surgeon will restore the jawbone through the use of organic additives to fortify its structure.

With the use of the Sinus Lift, bone is added below the sinus if the bone has deteriorated due to the lack of upper back teeth.

In the event that your jaw is not wide enough for an implant to be placed, your dentist can expand the ridge by adding material into a space along the top of your jaw.


Searching for the perfect smile…

As you can see, looking for the perfect smile is not an impossible thing. We have seen how different dental approaches, through the use of dental implants or different techniques, can solve the aesthetic and functional problem given by the lack of one or more teeth. The combination of these solutions should obviously be evaluated by qualified personnel, who will be able to advise you professionally and provide you with personalized cost estimates, but certainly successful!

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