How hair transplant works?

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Often, people with problems of premature baldness or hair loss want to know how hair transplant works and what techniques are available to gradually replenish hair.

Compared to the use of hair supplements or specific cosmetic lines, transplantation has been considered as one of the few hair loss treatments that can provide effective aesthetic effects.

Let’s not forget that the key feature of a successful hair transplant is to rebuild the natural hairline with the right density without any visible signs of intervention.

To understand how to perform a hair transplant, we will analyze the two main hair thickening techniques.

Folicular Unit Extraction

The first technique is the so-called FUE (Folicular Unit Extraction), which consists in extracting the follicular unit from the nape of the neck using a small surgical drill with a diameter between 1 and 0.7 mm. Then replant the bulbs in the area subject to hairline. The effect of this method is very good, but when the area that needs to be covered is too large, you may encounter problems.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

The second is called FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or also striping technique, because it involves the removal under local anesthesia of a strip of scalp 1 cm wide and of varying length. The removed strips are cut into microscopic sections to restore the bulb and redistributed to the thinning areas. The FUT method is undoubtedly the most popular method because it allows for a large number of implants. However, there is the risk of leaving a conspicuous horizontal scar, which obviously does not help to improve aesthetic factors.

Therefore, a thorough understanding of the details of how to perform hair transplantation is helpful in understanding the reasons for choosing one option over the other.

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