How to save money with a mobile package with commitment?

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A monthly subscription is a payment plan in which you pay a fixed amount each month and in exchange you receive a phone, text messages, data and call minutes.

Monthly mobile phone plans can let you money if you send a lot of SMSes, chat and use a lot of data. This is because you usually get a large allowance compared to the limited amount that you get with pay-as-you-go plans.

A mobile phone package with a contract allows you to benefit from certain advantages which are linked to your loyalty with your operator. It is, thus, possible to subscribe to a contract for a certain period. The advantages linked to your contract period are frequently linked to the purchase of a new mobile phone. Indeed, carriers offer you a preferential price on a wide range of phones to encourage you to sign up.

Even if the mobile phone market is now full of no-contract packages, mobile carriers still offer smartphone packages with a contract, which vary from carrier to carrier. With this combination of a smartphone and mobile plan, the length of the commitment affects the price of your mobile subscription and the price of the phone. For example, when the commitment period is longer, the price of the smartphone and the mobile package are lower.

The range of mobiles that you can buy with the package is extremely wide. You can choose a high-end model such as the new iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy. This is the advantage of the mobile package: you can afford the top-of-the-range models without putting your finances at risk.

Cancelling during the commitment period has a cost, but this formula is interesting if you don’t want to pay for the smartphone in one go. It is also simple and more secure, as it limits the number of purchases and procedures

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