Which broadband connection is best for your home?

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Having a good internet connection is more important than ever, whether you are using it for games, streaming or smart home services.

What broadband connections are available today?

Home broadband Internet connections, available in a variety of types, offer the perfect solution for these needs.

  • DSL-type broadband connections are still the simplest and slowest, still relying on the traditional telephone line.
  • Fibre connections are much faster than ADSL and offer top performance for stability, with average rates a bit higher. Unfortunately they are not yet accessible everywhere, but their availability is steadily increasing even in areas more difficult to reach. The two typical Fibre technologies are Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the premises (FTTP).

Broadband internet connection: how to choose the perfect one?

Let’s face it, home broadband internet offers are probably not the cheapest, or the fastest. We can recommend them to those who are single, don’t surf the web much (maybe just to read email or use social networks) and make more use of mobile connections outside the home. But in case you make heavy use of video streaming platforms (like Netflix), spend hours and hours playing video games or there are broadband offerings that can provide a more reliable and faster Internet connection than traditional DSL-based broadband connections.

Always think about the needs of your family, how many users access the Internet daily (and the number of devices connected to the network) before thinking about which broadband offering to sign up for your home. Your family’s needs are constantly evolving, and what’s happened in recent years is proof of that: the boom in streaming platforms and the increase in devices connected to the home network have dramatically increased user demand for bandwidth. So a good broadband package you choose today may not be suitable in a year or two. Think about it, fibre optic connection offerings are taking over commercially, offering increasingly competitive rates. Of course, broadband internet technology that goes through a traditional phone line is certainly much more common, especially outside of population centers where fibre optic cables often haven’t been laid yet.

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