Why HIV Testing is so important today

The importance of the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) test lies in detecting HIV infection, before it degenerates into AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), the most advanced stage of the infection.

2020-11-04Editorial staff

Which are the FDA-Approved HIV Medicines?

ART antiretroviral therapy is the current medicinal treatment against HIV. Recommended for all people with HIV, it should be undertaken as soon as possible.

2020-11-03Editorial staff

Which are the common symptoms of HIV?

The only way to be certain that you have contracted the HIV virus is to get tested. It is not possible to rely on symptoms only to know your real state of health.

2020-05-22Editorial staff

Which are the current HIV/AIDS Treatments?

There is no cure for HIV yet. But researchers believe that we can find a cure for it. However, current HIV/AIDS treatments can control the virus and enable people to live an healthy life.

2020-04-13Editorial staff