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Buying and selling a junked car: is it possible?

Do you own a car that is old, damaged or in need of major repairs? And maybe you’re even thinking about selling it to raise some money to finance the purchase of a new vehicle?In this article, we’re going to give you the right information on how to get the highest possible valuation from your… Continua a leggere Buying and selling a junked car: is it possible?

2021-11-22Editorial staff

Successful Tips to Sell Your House in a Bit!

Selling your house quickly is no mean feat, just avoid making common mistakes. We reveal the 10 things you absolutely must not do if you want to realise a sum of money quickly, according to suggestions from leading experts in the field. What’s the right quote for your house? Being realistic and starting with a… Continua a leggere Successful Tips to Sell Your House in a Bit!

2021-11-22Editorial staff

Buying home? The things you absolutely need to know

Buying a home is a very complex task for anyone, especially if it’s your first time ever; it involves a whole series of interrelated steps, starting with putting money aside and the deal closed. Our brief advice is mainly aimed at those who are facing this undertaking for the first time. How to prepare for… Continua a leggere Buying home? The things you absolutely need to know

2021-11-22Editorial staff

Selling your used car: how best to do it?

Selling your used car today is much easier than in the past! Thanks to comparison networks, you can receive the best evaluations of your used car from many specialized sites, without any stress! Think how easy it is: you will receive the best offers from the market, simply by filling out a short online form,… Continua a leggere Selling your used car: how best to do it?

2021-10-28Editorial staff

Upgrades that will get your home’s value off the ground

A recent statistic from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies certifies that spending by Americans to renovate their homes will have a significant increase in 2021. That’s not to say that homeowners have been able to find ways to recoup larger amounts for renovation projects: it’s estimated that nationally they can recoup about 66.5 percent, down from 2019.

2021-04-01Editorial staff

How and why you should estimate the value of your home

The value of your home is important when you are buying it, refinancing it, or selling it. The rest of the time it may be of interest but it’s not especially relevant to your life. Of course, knowing your home value can help to ensure you get the best possible deal on home insurance and other financial expenses.

2021-03-06Editorial staff

Successful tips to increase your home value!

Is it possible to increase the value of your home beyond standard capital appreciation? Sure! Here are a few, but simple tips to give your home’s value a boost!

2021-03-03Editorial staff

Selling your car to a dealer, have you thought about it?

Have you decided to sell your used car but don’t know how? You could sell it privately, perhaps through online ads, or go to dealer networks. The conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic in the used car market have seen a narrowing of the offer, giving car intermediaries greater bargaining strength on the price; but, given the uncertainty that still seems to be present in American families on the propensity to spend, the growth of the used car market is far from fading.

2021-01-22Editorial staff

The best ways to sell your car

The process of selling your car can be long and difficult if you are not familiar with the process. Essentially, you are faced with three avenues: dealership trade-in, third-party valuation or private sale.

2020-11-09Editorial staff