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With all the freedom of VoIP and the flexibility of the smartphone, you no longer need to choose the right phone plan from the hundreds offered by providers for your mobile calls. Making VoIP calls with your iPhone is very easy: just choose your VoIP provider, or better, choose the VoIP App that best suits your needs. If you already have a VoIP phone service at home, you can probably get an iPhone App for VoIP to extend your service.

Usually apps that support iPhone VoIP calls are cheap on the App Store, if not completely free. Recommended then, especially for international calls, VoIP is certainly the winning choice, compared to the not-so-cheap costs of phone plans based on cellular networks. Obviously, the biggest savings are obtained by calling under the coverage of a Wi-Fi network (home or business) using a data plan with a fixed rate or unlimited for use with VoIP.

But let’s see together what are the best VoIP calling apps for your iPhone, for work and leisure.


Specifically designed for business use, Nextiva is an all-in-one communication system that can not only offer voice calls, but many other useful features to better manage conversations with your customers, build better relationships, and increase sales. Nextiva’s all-in-one platform allows you to connect with your customers via SMS, email, or using voice calls.


Skype is a totally free instant messaging software, created and developed by Windows; although universally famous for the ability to make video calls, Skype offers phone calls to traditional numbers using VoIP technology, for a few cents per minute, but you can still subscribe as for smartphones.


With Talkatone you can make free calls, via Wi-Fi or data, from anywhere, send free text messages, make cheap international calls to contact people overseas. Calls are free and unlimited in the U.S. and Canada; if you’re interested in international calls, additional calling credits can be purchased.


Ooma is a small business VoIP service with prices starting at $19.95/month per user and comes standard with access to the company’s iPhone app. We like Ooma’s app because it has a modern, intuitive interface that looks almost identical to the default phone apps on the iPhone. That, plus the fact that it offers E911 and fax, make this our best overall choice for those looking for a VoIP app for the iPhone.


Published: 2021-02-14From: Editorial staff

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