Why buy a hybrid car today?

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Since their appearance, hybrid cars have enjoyed great success with the public: their dual nature of electric and combustion car is perfectly suited to both long-distance driving and city traffic, where you spend a lot of time stationary.

Plug-in hybrid car (PHEV): what is it?

What does plug-in hybrid car mean? This definition refers to a vehicle that runs on both a regular combustion engine and an electric battery, which is recharged via a plug. These cars, also called PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) can be recharged either at home or through special columns that, sometimes, do not require an economic outlay and whose costs are charged to the administrations. Recharging times for plug-in hybrid car batteries vary, depending on the type of battery. If you are wondering which hybrid car to buy in 2021, it is necessary to take into consideration various characteristics: from recharge times to autonomy times when using only the electric mode.

The best plug-in hybrid car models

Taking into consideration the PHEV vehicles on the market, ten models have been selected from which to choose the best plug-in hybrid car by evaluating both the kilometers that can be covered in total autonomy in electric mode, and the cost and type. In fact, in order to understand which is the best plug-in hybrid car for oneself, one must not underestimate the tastes and needs of each person, whether single or belonging to a family unit, who uses a car for short or long journeys.

Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Tsi eHybrid

For those who want a sedan with a modern and attractive design, perfect both in the city as well as out of town, the Golf 1.4 Tsi eHybrid is certainly worth considering. Priced at around €40,000 (about $43,000 at today’s exchange rate), the German car offers great reliability, proposing a hybrid engine with an electric battery, capable of guaranteeing a range of almost 70 kilometers (43 miles) in electric mode alone.

Hyundai Tucson 1.6 Phev

The new SUV from Korean manufacturer Hyundai, the Tucson 1.6 Phev, offers about 62 kilometers of electric range (about 38 miles) and a cost starting at 44,000 euros ($49,000). Six-speed transmission and all-wheel drive for the true enthusiasts of driving on any terrain, while respecting the environmental impact.

Mercedes B-Class 250 plug-in Hybrid

Another admirable German product is the Mercedes B-Class 250 and plug-in Hybrid family car, like the Golf with an electric range of up to 70 kilometers (45 miles) and a price tag that works out to €51,000 ($57,000).

Toyota Rav4 plug-in

First manufacturer in the world to make hybrid a true trademark Toyota updates its Rav4 plug-in SUV, a jewel in the Brand’s crown, bringing the electric motor range to 75 km (46 miles) at a base price of €55,000 ($61,000).

Bmw 225xe plug-in hybrid

Moving on to an MPV with a sure aesthetic impact and surprising technical features, the Bmw 225xe plug-in hybrid is recognized as one of the best PHEV cars. The rear-wheel drive electric motor gives it an electric range of up to 57 kilometers (35 miles), starting at €39,000 ($43000) for the base model that is sure to appeal to many.

Audi A3 Sportback Tfsi

Another celebration of sports cars is the model of the German giant Audi: A3 Sportback Tfsi and, that’s the name of the brand’s plug-in hybrid vehicle that offers two types of hybrid motorization with an electric range of 67 kilometers (41 miles) and a cost starting at €40,000 ($45000).

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