How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

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On average, in order to clean our homes, we spend a lot of time that we could actually use to do something else. Time that we could spend on our passions instead of cleaning floors. It would be really nice to have someone to clean everything for us. Dream or reality? All this will be possible thanks to the arrival of new technology: robot vacuum cleaners. These fabulous appliances will clean the floors of our homes in a totally autonomous way. All very simple and fast, to be able to program remotely. But how do you choose the most suitable model that can best meet your needs? Among the criteria to evaluate before making the purchase, it is very important to consider the power of the appliance. What power should it have? What is the best? In this article I will talk about how to choose the right models of robot vacuum cleaners based on their power and important features.

Suction power

Among the elements to evaluate before buying, the power is one of the most important, which make a product better than another. Power is usually expressed in watts and is an indicator of the suction power that each robot vacuum cleaner has.

A greater suction power corresponds to a greater depth in cleaning. This can also be done due to the quality of the brushes and components of robot vacuum cleaners. Usually, the smoother the floor, the less power it will need to generate in order to best clean the floors. More power will be needed especially for cleaning floor joints and cleaning your carpets.

The best models will be able to manage the power independently, picking up the type and thus choosing the right cleaning modes. Same thing happens if they are along the path of carpets with or without bangs.

Filtering system

The filtering system is another important element to consider that goes hand in hand with the power. Great power must also ensure good filtering of dust, especially fine dust. Filters obviously don’t last forever and should either be replaced or cleaned periodically.

If you suffer from allergies, the filtering systems you should opt for are HEPA filters. These are special filters that trap more particles and allergens than traditional filters. So make this choice well, as the product will be spinning every day inside your home.

In addition, the system of high quality brushes combined with the power of the device will ensure the best cleaning on both smooth surfaces and carpets. The models on the market are different, so before making the choice will be very important to consider the different features already listed. If you then join additional features, you will have inside the house just the top of the range.

Purchase advice

Each manufacturing company decides to offer their own devices on the market, so they can give consumers various choices. The different models fall into various price ranges: low, medium and high. In each range, the models available have different basic features.

In the high end you can find the robot vacuum models that provide excellent power for both work and suction. The good suction will guarantee you the perfect cleaning of your floors and the most difficult and hidden corners.

The models found in the other price ranges, are the same excellent, but their power is lower. This means less care in cleaning and less battery life.

All you need to do is assess what your main cleaning needs are so that you can make the right choice and clean your home in the best possible way.

Published: 2021-12-14From: Alepelli

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