Looking for the best sleep: Memory Foam vs Spring mattress

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When you need to choose a new mattress, among the things to consider today is a new one: manufacturing technology. So, alongside the traditional spring mattresses, Memory foam technology has established itself. Let’s see together what it is, and if it really represents an evolution from spring mattresses.

Spring mattress: the tradition

Known as the “traditional” type of mattress, the sprung mattress is nothing more than a series of steel coils, surrounded by layers of other materials capable of providing a different level of support and comfort, depending on the type of coils used. In the case of coils connected to each other, we will have the type called “innerspring”; if wound individually, the coils will be of the “pocket” type. Some other mattresses, known as “hybrids”, layer memory foam around the springs, thus combining the mutual advantages of the two systems.

Pros of spring mattresses

  • they require a rather short “acclimatization” time
  • the “continuous coil” type is fairly affordable
  • sleep is normally cooler than with foam mattresses, as they allow for more internal airflow
  • the springs give a pleasant bouncy feeling, for those who prefer the “sinking” feeling of memory foam.

Cons of spring mattresses

  • hey can not be compressed and vacuum sealed, so you need home delivery
  • do not fit the body unless we have a layer of storage foam
  • the springs can put pressure abnormally, giving rise to pain instead of relieving it
  • tend to have a shorter lifespan and warranty
  • you need to rotate them regularly to keep them in top condition
  • in the case of double mattresses, the movement is transmitted to your partner

Memory Foam mattress: the innovation

Compared to their debut years on the market, memory foam mattresses are now among the most popular and beloved, precisely because of their unique characteristics. Capable of conforming to any spine posture and relieving pressure, memory foam mattresses have become a first choice for people struggling with physical pain. Technically, memory foam is derived from polyurethane foam, to which substances are added that can alter its density. Opinions on memory foam are generally positive, as it is a viscoelastic material that can react not only to the weight of our body, but also to heat! The material has this name because it is as if it had a memory: that is, it can remember the deformations received for a few seconds. You can directly try this little experiment on any memory foam layer: put your hand, make a little pressure and lift it. You will see that its imprint is left, which will remain for a few seconds. The layer will then slowly return to its initial state.

In general, memory foam mattresses are among the best mattresses for pain relief, but they are also a good choice for anyone looking to improve their sleep and get a deeper rest. Whether you sleep on your side, on your back, on your stomach, or combined, memory foam mattresses meet your every need.

Published: 2021-03-07From: Elisa

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