What are the Best Electric and Hybrid Motorcycles in the World?

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It has taken many years to plan and engineer a hybrid motorcycle. Many major motorcycle manufacturers are still fully involved in the process of perfecting their designs, waiting to launch a true hybrid model. On the one hand, it’s many centaurs who aren’t particularly interested in hybrid motorcycle models, as so far most prototypes have seemed to be more of a cheat to ride, in terms of weight and handling. But in this latest era, the motorcycle industry seems to have realized the youthful flaws of such technology and to have finally accepted the environmental challenges of the coming years.
So, for riders who want to do their part in the green transition of the next few years, there is pleasant news coming from the electric motorcycle market.

In fact, the landscape of hybrid and electric motorcycles seems to be much more evolved today. They are faster, lighter, safer, smarter. But without forgetting that touch of style and elegance. And let’s not forget the benefits in terms of maintenance: it will no longer be necessary to replace the oil or repair a leaking seal.

The only advice we can give to future “electric” drivers is:

  • Have regular inspection and maintenance, at least every 2000mi (3,000km) or every six months
  • Charge your lithium-ion batteries properly, otherwise its lifespan will be shortened.
  • Do not use chargers from other manufacturers
  • Do not allow the battery to be fully discharged as this will shorten its lifetime
  • Do not expose your motorcycle battery to extreme conditions; the ideal temperature is between 32 and 95°F (0-35°C)
  • Clean your electric motorcycle regularly to remove mud and dirt.
  • Lubricate the chain of your electric bike or scooter regularly if they are designed with chains

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

The first electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire offers a Revelation permanent magnet motor, capable of producing maximum rated torque instantaneously. There are 7 selectable riding modes, each with a specific combination of power, regeneration, throttle response and traction control configurations. The battery provides a minimum of 146 miles (235 km) of city range.

Bmw R 1200 GS xDrive Hybrid

Bmw Motorrad launches the R 1200 GS xDrive Hybrid, the Munich-based manufacturer’s first all-wheel-drive hybrid motorcycle, which will be destined to continue the dynasty of the iconic R 1200 GS Adventure. Twin-cylinder engine with 125 hp and 125 Nm of torque, it has a total system power of 170 hp, of which a good 45 hp are provided by the electric unit.

Zero SR/F

The Zero SR/F is an electric motorcycle with impressive numbers. In an effort to establish itself as the world’s leading company in electric motorcycles, Zero has invested heavily, and this bike is proof of that. Powered by a 14.4 kWh lithium-ion battery and a very compact motor, the Zero SR/F has optimal power and a very competitive range.

… and Japan manufacturers?

In Kawasaki’s future plans, a new motorcycle with hybrid technology will soon enter production. The Japanese manufacturer’s idea is to launch 10 electrified models (hybrid or fully electric) by 2025, and to have a range of fully electrified motorcycle models by 2035.
At the moment, Kawasaki is moving forward with plans for a hybrid model, called the Endeavour, with a parallel twin-cylinder engine and an electric motor that can run alternately on electric and gasoline.
While the other three Japanese motorcycle manufacturers Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki have been decidedly cautious about upcoming electrified motorcycle models, Kawasaki has been decidedly more proactive.

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