Why choose a Fleet Fuel Card for your business?

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If you have a business, fleet fuel cards are definitely the best possible choice for purchasing fuel and maintenance plans for your fleet of vehicles. Unlike other payment methods, fuel cards are easy to use and always allow you to keep a close eye on your spending. Fuel and maintenance costs deserve the utmost attention from owners and drivers of a fleet of vans, trucks or other commercial vehicles: by replacing the normal payment instruments with a fleet fuel card, it is possible to have sufficient geographical coverage to refuel, at competitive costs, and always have up-to-date statistics and reports.

How it works a Fleet Fuel Card?

Similar to a payment card issued by banks and credit institutions, the fleet card (or fuel card) is a payment card that can be used at gas stations, for refueling and for vehicle maintenance. In most cases, they behave like a debit card: issued by major oil companies, they can also be provided by specialist service companies. Both types of card offer undeniable benefits, however, in terms of savings in fuel purchases at the pump (or in bulk), and real-time information that is useful for monitoring the expenses of company personnel on the road. Daily or weekly limits can also be set on the amount of fuel that can be purchased per transaction, giving the fleet owner full control over the movement of cards distributed to fleet drivers.

Fleet Fuel Card advantages

Control Spending

With fleet fuel cards, you can monitor driver purchases, customize maximum amounts that can be used to fully manage when and where to use them, for what expenses and up to what amount. In fact, with management software, you can get real-time information and alerts on fraud attempts to help you combat misuse and save money at the pump.

Tracking and reporting

Track, manage and control fuel expenses on vehicles. The more time you can save from bureaucratic and administrative controls, the more time will be spent on other more strategic activities.


Published: 2021-03-02From: Editorial staff

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